I am a mixed media assemblage artist & eco-arts teacher from Los Angeles, California.

My perspective comes from where I stand... what I believe in, perceive and experience as a woman living in these times... 

(And there is just a lot to think about!)


I am especially inspired by memories of my childhood... family travels from Baja on up throughout the southwest,

and by the creative influences from my family. I am also interested in exploring ideas that have to do with calling upon our inner-most strengths, the concept of time and life's transitions.

In the past few years I have focused on a body of work that deals specifically with issues concerning love, grief and loss (and coming through it all)... to express that there is the ability to heal. As a guardian of sorts my pieces have followed my path. I hope that my work can be helpful to others as a reminder that each of our own journeys are quite individual, and there is no time factor for healing... but it can and does get better. 

Art from the ground up...

Found materials   

There is just something about distressed elements that can evoke a sense of time and, in art, visually assist to express raw emotion as well as convey the idea and importance of reusing and repurposing things already in our midst. I feel most true to myself working with second-hand and up-cycled items, as well as more organic materials found in nature. 

Workshops & Classes

Figurative elements

As a retail window designer by trade, I have always loved working with mannequins. I feel compelled to incorporate them as a way to express my perspective, but more importantly as a way to inject a humanitarian element into my art. Here, they have become visual storytellers... symbols of the strength, resilience, perseverance and nurturing capacity of women I have known... some who fought some very tough battles.


I love teaching both youth and adult classes or larger workshops to build excitement about earth-conscious art. I am interested in participating in exhibits and events in support of our environment, women’s issues, and basically just good positive experiences with others that wish to spread a message of compassion and harmony throughout our communities.

Regarding my pieces, commissions are welcome, and I am happy to do custom projects that incorporate your personal mementos into the work. 

For additional information or to discuss how I could assist you with an exhibit, class or workshop, please email me. I look forward to talking with you! 

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