I am a mixed media assemblage artist & eco-arts teacher from Los Angeles, California.

My perspective comes from where I stand... what I believe in, perceive and experience as a woman living in these times...


I feel that we all have our individual strengths and ways to help, get involved and create change. This is one of mine... a way to visually relay thoughts and ideas. 


Art from the ground up...

I am especially inspired by memories of my childhood... travels from Baja on up and throughout off-the-grid areas of the south and northwest, and by the creative influences of my family. I am also interested in exploring ideas that have to do with calling upon our inner-most strengths, the concept of time and life's transitions.

Spinning a common thread throughout, my pieces are often guardian figures, ones who keep watch and are part earth, sea and sky, revealing messages inspired by the currents and challenges of our lives.

Created by necessity, but also as tools to inspire… my work questions what can we do of substance with our time on this earth and how should we approach the minutes. While some pieces may be conceptually lighter than others, they all share a unified humanitarian and earth-in-mind perspective.

Found materials   

There is just something about distressed elements that can evoke a sense of time and visually assist to express raw emotion as well as convey the idea and importance of reusing and repurposing things already in our midst.


I feel most true to myself  working with these materials, and feel it is an imperative choice as we face the crisis of over-excess on our planet. The art of assemblage and mixed media also offers a unique opportunity to connect a fluid mixture of ideas, and reveal the messages within. 

Workshops & Classes

Figurative elements

The mannequin and her parts:

I have rescued many from their near fate of ending up in landfills, and often feel drawn to incorporate them as a way to express my perspective. Here they have become visual storytellers... symbols of the strength, nurturing ability and perseverance of women I have known... and how utilizing these qualities could be the key in solving poignant issues of our time, from the harmony within our relationships to the health and future of our planet.


Food for thought, each piece is a blend of color, texture, diversity and spice, as is the world around us. Combining a mix of elements to symbolize key issues, each tile, image or ingredient is a life-line to the next, reminding us that we are all interdependently connected.

I enjoy teaching both youth and adult classes or larger workshops to build excitement about earth-conscious art. I am interested in participating in exhibits and events in support of our environment, women’s issues, and basically just good positive experiences with others that wish to spread a message of compassion and harmony throughout our communities.​


For questions regarding my pieces, or to discuss how I could assist you with an exhibit, class or workshop, please email me. I look forward to talking with you! 

In peace & creativity...