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I am a mixed media assemblage artist from Southern California.

My perspective comes from where I stand... what I believe in, perceive and  experience as a woman living in these times.

It seems I have always been creating something in 3/D...  It is at the root, both necessary and natural for me.

A way to express emotion, ideas and dreams.


Art from the ground up...


I am especially inspired by memories of my childhood... travels from Baja California on up throughout remote areas of the southwest, and by the influences, creative and otherwise, of my family.

Concept driven, much of my work involves symbolism and most are truly shrines of one sort or another. Having spent time in Mexico and living in close proximity for some years, I deeply appreciate Mexican folk art. Some of my pieces are protective in nature, and there may be a light element to either help lead the way or honor a certain idea, others may suggest a freeing of the spirit in one way or another.

I am interested in visually addressing the varying sides of ourselves, the push and pull of inner wishes, the things that make us tick. I enjoy mixing the playful with the serious and contemplating the complex juxtaposition of meaning of our dreams, reality and desires. 



Found materials    

There is just something about  rediscovered and reused elements that can evoke a sense of time and visually assist to express various themes as well as convey the importance of repurposing things already in our midst.

Throughout my work, bits and pieces of these up-cycled objects including retro fashion finds come into play especially shoes, which I enjoy. Perhaps they convey a strength to stand for or again, honor an idea or genre.

Ultimately, each piece involves a blend of color, texture, diversity and spice, as in the world around us. The combination of elements are the common thread throughout. It is my feeling that each tile, image or ingredient has a connection to the next, reminding us that we are all interdependently connected.


I have always loved working with mannequins. Here they can move out of a retail setting and onto becoming more evolved types of visual storytellers. ... It is much about feminine energy with a message to relay, along with a celebration of individuality, with the desire for the freedom of authenticity toward a more fearless depiction and appreciation of truth.

I also feel compelled to use hand imagery or parts in my work, as what we do with our hands is so key to life, as in helping one another, intimate interactions, or symbolizing need or the weight that we carry at times.



For me, my work is a therapeutic, passionate and evolving adventure.


After years of working much larger, I am really enjoying scaling it down. A smaller footprint, but still conceptual pieces that can spin their stories.


These days I look forward to more live arts events... to get together with others and feel the pulse and energy of life that art can bring to our communities. Please feel free to contact me! 

In peace & creativity...



Body Parts...      

I love figurative art whether light pencil drawing, painting or sculpture. Surrealist images appeal to me... especially those whimsical, dreamy and folk inspired. I love that the combined elements come together to tell a story. At times dark, yes, but something very real and important to be expressed.



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