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I am a mixed media assemblage artist & eco-arts teacher from Santa Clarita, California.

My perspective comes from where I stand... what I believe in, perceive and  experience as a woman living in these times.

It seems I have always been creating something in 3/D...  from sculpture projects as a child, on to my arts education and ultimately, in my design profession. It is at the root, both necessary and natural for me. A way to express emotion, ideas and dreams.



Art from the ground up...

I am especially inspired by memories of my childhood... travels from Baja, California on up throughout remote areas of the southwest, and by the influences, creative and otherwise, of my family.

I am interested in exploring ideas that have to do with calling upon our inner-most strengths, authenticity and the concept of time and it how it relates to love and life transitions.

Relaying a common message throughout, my pieces are often female guardian figures, ones who keep watch and are part earth, sea and sky... angelic at times, revealing messages of protection and hope in response to the fluctuating currents and challenges that we face.



Found materials    

There is just something about distressed elements that can evoke a sense of time and visually assist to express raw emotion as well as convey the idea and importance of reusing and repurposing things already in our midst.


I enjoy the challenges of

up-cycling and reinventing existing or discarded objects and feel it is an imperative choice as we face the crisis of over-excess on our planet. 

Ultimately, each piece embodies a blend of color, texture, diversity and spice, as in the world around us. By combining a mix of elements to symbolize key issues, each tile, image or ingredient is a life-line to the next, reminding us that we are all interdependently connected.


Workshops & Classes

I enjoy teaching classes and larger scale workshops to build excitement about earth-conscious art. I am interested in participating in exhibits and events in support of our environment, women’s issues, and basically just positive experiences with others that wish to spread a message of compassion and harmony throughout our communities.​


For questions regarding my pieces, or to discuss how I could assist you with an exhibit, class or workshop, please email me. I look forward to talking with you! 

In peace & creativity...




Figurative forms   

I love figurative art whether light pencil drawing, painting or sculpture. Surrealist images appeal to me... especially those whimsical, dreamy and folk inspired. I love that the combined elements come together to tell a story. At times dark, yes, but something very real from the artist's perspective.



On a lighter note, I also enjoy working with various elements of fashion and random vintage finds, which may result in more playful and at times provocative themes. There are often dual messages to discover as well, but however conceptually derived all share a unified, earth-in-mind perspective.

I have always loved working with mannequins or their parts. I often feel compelled to repurpose them as a canvas of sorts, partly to express my own feelings or experience, but also more importantly to act as visual storytellers... symbols of the strength, compassion and perseverance in women. 

Looking back, I am certain that my interest in mannequins, fashion and vintage elements stemmed from the hours I spent either playing with barbies or with my grandmother's little ceramic figurines in the garden as a girl. I am thankful for the times creatively "just playing" as a child, and it is my wish that my classes can inspire kids to create freely and use their open, unbiased and vivid imaginations.

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