Wonder Women... (Open your Heart) 31" x 23" x 14" scwcaexhibits.com 2020 In the time of Protest

Pain, Passion & Perseverance (Ode to Frida) 3'w x 4'7"h x 2'5"d

Are you ready for your Close-up? (Exposé) 18"w x 30"h x 16"d

Earth in Balance... (Protect the Gift) 11"w x 24"h x 8"d

Lady of the Sierra Mist (E:Couture) - detail

Cleopatra and the Space-Time Continuum... (Waiting 'til the cows come home) 12"w x 36"h x 12"d

Latitude, Longitude & Light 12" x 12" x 21" scwcaexhibitions.org International Women's Day Think Globally 2021

Woman on a Mission... Ms World Re:Vision 6'h x 4'w x 2'5"d

Verdigris... (Women & Water) 20"w x 39"h x 14"d

Lighten Up! 16"w x 1'5"h x 1'd

Lady of the Sierra Mist (E:Couture)

Visual Tabouli (Mix it Up!) Solo Show Art in Public Spaces Santa Clarita, CA

Green Slam Featured Artist Are you ready for your close-up? (Exposé) Newhall, CA

3/d portfolio...

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