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Stiletto my Heart Silver & Shadows exhibit The Main, 2022

Protecting the Gift 14"w x 18"h x 5"d

Kick-ass Women of the Western Frontier 15"w x 17"h x 3'5"d

Queen of the Cabernet

Tribute to N.Y... A Time to Heal

The Undercurrent (Sea of Love) 17"w x 16"h x 5"d

Be Free 5"w x 7"h x 1"d

Aquamarine Dream... (She talks to Angels) 20" x 24" x 6" Pulse of L.A. 2020 In the time of Quarantine

Soul Searching in Sanctuary Red Hot Wicked Studio C Gallery exhibition, 2022

Soul Sisters

The Search for Frida and the message in the mirror 20"w x 32"h x 5"d

Inner Passage... The gravitational pull of the moon and the tides on transition

Shake it Sister! 4"w x 18"h x 5"d

Kauai Dreams 5"w x 14"h x 4"d

Carefully guarding my Emotion 12"w x 14"h

relief work...   
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